Shore Fishing Reports



Winter League - Round 2, Penarth

The second round of this year's winter league was fished on the 20th October over high water between Penarth Pier and Lavernock Point. Eight members turned out to fish despite the date clashing with the Wales v France Rugby World Cup quarter finals.

With a decent break in the ongoing poor weather seeing sunny conditions and a light northerly breeze at the start of the match; it looked like anglers were in for a reasonably dry and nice day. Just before high water the wind increased substantially and temperatures dropped as cloud rolled in from the north. This made conditions on the Ranny pretty uncomfortable with and significantly colder. The fishing wasn't much better than the weather at this point with rods remaining motionless and baits being stripped by heavy crab activity within a matter of minutes.

At the weigh in only two anglers had managed to catch fish and then only one apiece. Not one of the six anglers fishing the main beach to the right of the slipway managed to catch with both fish caught coming from the Ranny area. Phil picked up what he thought was the only fish of the match before high water only to be pipped to first place by Jason who hooked a codling on the final cast. Results were:

1st Jason Ward, 1 Codling - 35cm

2nd Phil Jehu, 1 Whiting - 25cm

Jason picked up the pools for overall win and longest fish but the most fish pool rolls over to the next match which is schedulled for Chesil Beach (venue to be decided) on November 16th.

Winter Series Round 3, Chesil Beach (Abbotsbury)

The third round of this year's winter series saw seven anglers take the long trip to Abbotsbury with it taking three members slightly longer than others. Ignorance of messages sent from those who left early saw them sitting in traffic on the M5 for around 3 hours or more arriving very late for the match.

Fishing started at 14.00 and the fish showed up immediately with Lloyd into triple shots of whiting with his first and second cast. As the match progressed the lead changed hands with every cast. Four hours in and the top three were all over 800cm with a mere 20cm separating them.

Jason, Phil and Paul carried on catching whilst Lloyd started to struggle in the last 2 hours. Jason topped the day with an impressive 63 fish for 1981cm taking most fish and overall win.

Biggest fish went to Lloyd with a conger eel of 80cm.

Final results were:

1st Jason - 1981cm - 63 fish

2nd Phillip - 1710cm - 57 fish

3rd Lloyd - 1535cm - 48 fish

4th Paul - 793cm - 28 fish

Lloyd also nominated himself for the birds nest trophy arriving at Chesil with nothing other than flip flops to wear on his feet......thankfully Weymouth Angling wasn't too far away!

Championship Round 11 - Penarth to the Severn Bridge

The penultimate round of this years championship was fished on the 3rd November and saw just six members turn up for the 06.15 meet at Asda in Coryton. Despite the large number of options for venues all decided they were going to fish Cardiff Foreshore. Anglers departed for the venue at 06.30 and decided to have the weigh in at the industrial estate at the previously scheduled time of 14.30 opting to fish for an extra hour rather than travel back to the meeting point.

As things turned out the venue was a good choice with all six anglers catching fish; as usual some did much better than others!

Conditions were perfect for November with almost everyone down to T shirts by 10am catching a late sun tan in the glorious weather.

At the weigh in it was obvious that a few had done very well with Phil and Jason having a bit of a field day with the whiting. results were:

1st Phil Jehu - 16 fish (13 whiting, 2 conger and a silver eel) 533cm

2nd Jason Ward - 10 fish (9 whiting & a conger) 288cm

3rd Richard Poole - 6 fish (5 whiting and a cod) 168cm

4th Alan Lewis - 4 fish (all whiting) 108cm

5th Chris Tucker - 4 fish (all whiting) 102cm

6th Anthony Large - 1 whiting 23cm

Phil took all three pools for the day plus the most fish roll over from the previous match at Layde Bay. His longest fish was a fine conger of 113cm which also puts him firmly in the lead for the longest shore caught fish trohpy.

2019 Championship Round 9 - Aberavon Beach 

Sunday 22nd September once again saw ten members registering at the meeting point in Aberavon in readiness for the latest round of this year's championship. The match was moved from Horton due to the tide times being incompatible with local car park opening times meaning that matches would either start later or finish earlier than required.

Fishing proved to be mixed for those who attended with anglers opting to target dogs and rays left fish-less and those deciding to go for the short range match fishing approach benefit from the clear water and presence of small bass and Golden Grey Mullet.

Weather conditions were surprisingly good given the forecast and previous day's battering from high winds and rain and this helped those opting to fish short.

results at the end of the match were:

1st Mal Hoskins 15 fish for 300cm including the longest fish, a golden Grey of 47cm

2nd Phil Jehu 12 fish for 218cm

3rd Jason Ward 4 fish for 104cm

4th Kevin Ashcroft 5 fish for 101cm 

5th Derek Pinkerton 3 fish for 59cm

Only two other anglers managed to catch single fish, Anthony and Chris, both with a bass of 17cm.


Mal Hoskins took all three pools on the day plus the roll over longest fish pool from the previous match at Fishguard.

2019 Championship Round 7 - Porthkerry to Stout


Ten members registered for the latest round of this year's championship which was a mini rover held over the rough ground marks between Porthkerry Park and Stout Point.

Anglers divided into three groups after leaving the registration point with two heading to Porthkerry, three to the rockfall at Boverton and the remaining five to Fontygarry. 

the Barry marks seemed to be almost devoid of fish with only four caught between the seven anglers with five of them blanking!! The fishing at Boverton was significantly better with 20 fish being caught.

At the weigh in it was evident that everyone should have headed further west in search of the hounds. Results of the match were as follows:

1st - Phil Jehu, 9 fish for 623cm including 3 hounds, 4 conger, a bass and a Ballan Wrasse.

2nd - Jason Ward, 6 fish for 367cm; 1 hound, 2 conger, 2 bullhuss and a cod.

3rd - Lloyd Summers, 5 fish for 337cm; 2 hounds, 2 bullhuss and a conger.

4th - Mal Hoskins, 3 fish for 152cm; a conger, spotted ray and a bass.

5th - Richard Poole, 1 fish for 50cm; a conger.

Phil took all three pools with longest overall length, longest fish and most fish. No other anglers weighed in and comments were received regarding the unusually dirty water around Barry with rockpools at low water full of fine esturine silt which was then stirred up by the flooding tide. There was also a noticable lack of run on the ebb and the flood, again unusual!!

Summer Series Round 3 - Seaton

Saturday 22nd June saw seven members travel to the south coast for the latest round of the summer series. With the M49 and original Severn Crossing closed and the M5 at Cribbs Causway down to 50 mph for  roadworks, the resulting travel chaos saw traffic jams starting just after Newport. Those that left early to spend a bit of time feathering for mackerel found themselves sitting in traffic instead. What was supposed to be a 2 1/2 hour drive turned into a 4 3/4 hour slog!

Fishing started at 18.30 but with bright sunshine, clear water and a ESE breeze no fish were caught until the sun started to set. First fish out was a superb Thick Lipped Mullet of 4lb 10oz taken by Alan Lewis on of all things, a chunk of Bluey!

Once darkness descended the spider crabs started to put in an appearance with bait being stripped from hooks in minutes and in most cases, hooks being cut off as well. As suddenly as the crab appeared they seemed to vanish with bites from pouting and small conger taking the place of the crab. Fishing continued to be quite productive until the end of the match at 01.00.

Results for the match were:

1st Jason Ward 10 fish for 326cm

2nd Phil Jehu 11 fish for 279cm

3rd Colin Doyle 7 fish for 226cm

4th Richard Poole 6 fish for 224cm

5th Alan Lewis 4 fish for 170cm

No blanks were seen on this match with Mal Hurley and Anthony Large finding 3 fish apiece for 65cm and 97cm respectively.

Longest bag pool was taken by Jason, Longest fish went to Richard for a conger of 62cm and most fish to Phil.

Club Championship Round 6 - Monknash to Sker

The latest round of this year's championship saw ten members signing in at the meeting point in Bridgend. As usual with club rovers there was a certain amount of secrecy about the venues some anglers were opting to fish but most ended up at Monknash fishing either the rough ground or the beach. Others opted to fish the ledges at Southerndown after a delayed start due to having to travel back to Cardiff to pick up bait that was inadvertently left at the suppliers!!

Fishing was a bit mixed with fish being caught at various stages of the tide depending on where anglers were fishing. Some found fish early during the ebb with nothing else throughout the match while others found sport late on in the flood. A decent mix of species were caught with Small-eyed Ray, Conger, Codling, Dogfish, Pouting, Bass and Smooth Hound.

Results after five hours of hard fishing were:

1st  Jason Ward 3 fish 252cm

2nd Phil Jehu 4 Fish 165cm

3rd Mal Hoskins 3 fish 162cm

4th Richard Poole 2 fish 138cm

5th Derek Pinkerton 1 fish 110cm

Club Championship Round 5 - Cei Bach 19th May


May’s championship fixture saw us heading for Cei Bach. 9 anglers met at the country club full of hope that the Huss were on the feed. On the beach the 9 angles split with Lloyd,Phillip J, Malcolm and Alan heading for the point with the remaining 5 staying in the bay. 

Fishing was slow but the bay produced a couple of fish in the first hour. With Chris Tucker landing a Small eyed ray of 69cm and Phil James a Huss of 92cm. 

Rod tips stayed motionless for the remaining ebb with line snipping spider crabs crawling on the baits within minutes. As the tide started to push in the crabs thinned out and gave the chance for some fish to find the baits first. In the space of 15 minutes the fish started to feed with Phillip Jehu pulling out 2 Huss, Malcolm 1 and Lloyd 1 but like the flick of a switch they disappeared and the crab came back out to play. 

At the weigh in it was apparent fishing was hard with 3 blanks recorded. 

Final standings were as follows: 
1st Phillip Jehu - 2 fish - 192 
2nd Malcolm - 1 fish - 94 
3rd Phil James - 1 fish - 92 
4th Lloyd - 1 fish - 87 
5th Chris Tucker - 1 fish - 69



Summer League Round 2: Cold Knap 4th May 2019

The second round of this year's summer league was held at Cold Knap on a Saturday afternoon so saw a few less members turn up than would normally be expected. Eight anglers signed in for the 3.15pm off with the match scheduled to fish 4 hours of the flood tide and two hours of the ebb.

Fish were hard to find in the first hour but as the water depth increased fishing started to improve (for some).

The bright sunshine seemed to have an effect on the dogfish with numbers down on the previous day when other anglers found them very easy to catch. Fish were being caught on a regular basis but to the left hand side of the beach but seemed to be few and far between everywhere else.

Richard managed to pick up a decent Small eyed ray which has over half of its tail missing reducing what would have been a lengthy fish down to 50cm and shorter than many of the smaller dogfish being caught. Forty minutes later he hooked into and landed the same fish adding another 50cm to the tally!!

Toyse also found a decent ray beaching a 9.5lb Thornback shortly after high water which also earned him the longest fish pool. 

It was a close match between Richard and Phil with Richard leading the match on 8 fish for 342cm until the final wind in when Phil who was on 7 fish and 315cm; wound in a double shot of dogfish boosting his total length to 405cm taking both the overall length and most fish pools. Top five results were:

1 - Phil Jehu - 9 fish 405cm

2 - Richard Poole - 8 fish 342cm

3 - Colin Neade - 4 fish 221cm

4 - Mal Hoskins, Alan Lewis, Jason Ward - 3 fish 135cm 

Championship Round 4: Cefn Sidan

Round 4 of this years championship saw us up bright and early heading for Cefn Sidan. The early 6:45 meeting time saw 8 anglers assemble and set off for the beach. Conditions were perfect with small rollers and steady tables forming. Fishing was patchy with Malcolm finding fish in his first 2 casts whilst others went unrewarded. Lloyd soon hit a flurry of fish with 5 on the beach in quick succession, the odd flounder being picked up between Jason and Phil to keep their tally ticking over. Whilst the anglers at the far end of the beach struggled to find any. The top 3 places were closely contested during the final stages between Malcom, Phill and Lloyd with the lead changing hands several times. Malcolm and Phil both had barren patches but soon found the fish again with good quality flounder being beached in double and triple shots. Highlight of the day was seeing Jason chase a flounder in inches of water as it managed to unhook itself as it hit the sand and a surge take it back in. 
All anglers caught with a total of 51 fish. The final results as follows: 
1st Malcolm - 14 fish for 434cm 
2nd Phil Jehu - 13 fish for 416cm 
3rd Lloyd - 10 fish for 313cm 
4th Jason - 8 fish for 237cm 
5th Derek - 3 fish for 107cm.



Summer League Round 1 : 7th April


The first of this year's summer league matches was a low water rover with the meeting point being Cardiff Services at 11am. Eleven members registered for the match and at 11.15 anglers headed off for their chosen venues. As usual there were a good mix of venues chosen with six opting to stay relatively local heading for the marks around Barry while others opted for Ogmore and Sker.

Fishing as usual was mixed with some struggling to catch while others had no problem finding the fish. Sker was  undoubtedly the best choice with dogfish feeding freely, Phil and Jason catching 41 fish between them.

Fish of the day was a 1.40 kg Dover Sole taken on rag worm at Porthkerry by Richard; not what you'd normally expect to catch on the rough ground!!

Despite the 'dogfest' at Sker, other species caught during the match included  Codling, Conger and Pouting.

At the weigh in, 8 anglers presented cards containing fish:

1st Phil Jehu 22 fish (20 dogs, 2 Pouting) 927 cm

2nd Jason Ward 19 fish (all dogs) 855 cm

3rd Richard Poole 7 fish (1 Conger, 1 Dover Sole, 1 Dogfish, 4 Codling) 261 cm

4th Colin Neade 3 fish (2 dogs, 1 Pouting) 106 cm 

5th Mal Hoskins 2 fish (dogs) 90 cm.

Longest fish and most fish pools also went to Phil Jehu with dogfish of 58cm and 22 fish.



Club Championship Round 3: Oxwich

The third round of the 2019 championship was fished at Oxwich on Sunday 10th February. Weather conditions during the week leading up to the match were gradually deteriorating as yet another storm made its way across the Atlantic to cause havoc with our sea angling venues.

Wind were forecast to be gale force with 70mph+ winds overnight from Saturday to Sunday and gusting to over 50mph at the time of the match. To make conditions even more miserable the heavy rain had subsided but was replaced by heavy squally showers of hail and sleet and significantly lower temperatures. 

Fourteen members registered at the meeting point and at 17.15 headed onto the beach in the hope of catching a few fish. Winds were gusty but manageable being from a north westerly direction and assisting casting by blowing offshore. An hour into the match the Gower was hit by a large squally shower in which wind speeds easily hit the 50mph strength forecast. Several rods and rests were blown over along with tackle boxes and buckets but fortunately this was relatively short lived and the storm passed through in around fifteen minutes. After crossing the Bristol Channel the storm turned thundery with a number of lightning flashes seen.

Fishing turned out to be fairly good given the conditions with all but one angler catching fish. Dogs were the main species with a few flounder, bass and whiting also caught along with a single 5B Rockling.

A total of 70 fish were caught during the match with individual results as follows (all dogs counted as 45cm irrespective of length):

1st Lloyd Summers - 15 fish (all dogs) for 640cm

2nd Phil Jehu - 9 fish (7 dogs, 1 Whiting & 1 5B Rockling) for 357cm

3rd Derek Pinkerton - 7 fish (6 dogs, 1 flounder) for 299cm

4th Richard Tomas - 6 fish (all dogs) for 270cm

5th Jason Ward - 7 fish (4 dogs, 1 bass & 1 flounder) for 268cm

The longest fish, a 62cm dogfish went to Lloyd along with the most fish pool (and roll over most fish from the previous match) giving a clean sweep.




Club Championship Round Two: Low Water Rover


The second round of this year's championship was originally scheduled as a high water match at Swansea's West Pier. However the timing of the tides made for either a very early start or very late finish; neither of which was popular with the majority of members. As a result it was decided to open up the options and go for a low water rover with no limits set.

Fifteen anglers met at Cardiff services for the registration and at 12.15 all departed in a variety of directions to fish marks as local as Cold Knap and as distant as Amroth. Weather conditions were markedly better than the Saturday but there was still a stiff breeze and temperatures were still quite low. 

Fishing was evidently slow or non-existent going by texts and phone calls, with very few fish being caught. With Low water just after 3pm, most would get a few more hours of the flood than the ebb, which would hopefully be an advantage with fish making their way closer to the beach as the tide rose and daylight faded. This did prove to be the case on the marks further with almost all fish coming on the flood and later in the match. However at the weigh in there were few fish to record with seven blanks and three fish being the highest number caught by any one angler.

1st Phil Jehu 3 fish 97cm

2nd Derek Pinkerton 3 fish 80cm

3rd Colin Neade 2 fish 59cm

4th Lloyd Summers 2 fish 49cm

5th Jason Ward 1 fish 45cm

Longest bag and win was taken by Phil who picked up £45; longest fish pool was carried over to the next match as both Lloyd and Jason recorded dogfish of 55cm and the most fish pool rolled over again as Phil and Derek managed three fish apiece.



Club Championship 2019 Round One; Cardiff Foreshore

The new year of club competitions kicked off on Sunday 13th January with what seems to be the customary January visit to Cardiff Foreshore. Unlike in previous years where access has been arranged to enter the docks; this year's match was fished around the heliport with a limit set at the western side of the heliport beach.

Ten anglers signed in at the meeting point and made their way onto the Foreshore in darkness. All opted to fish the main beach with most keeping to the eastern end in front of the trees. The north westerly wind assisted casting to some degree but also created a bow in the line which caused a few tangles as anglers cast out strait and dropped their leads into the bow of their neighbour.

Fishing was very slow with baits returning after 20 or 30 minutes looking as fresh as when they were cast out.

As the tide reached high water a few opted to drop baits in short and were quickly rewarded with fish. Quite a few followed suit and fish started to appear all along the beach. It was evident at the end of the match however that some were under size as numbers on cards were lower than expected.

The club welcomed new member Richard Thomas who joined in for his first match; and dropping in short with small worm baits eventually gave him a win and nice little cash pick up as the longest overall bag was also joined by longest fish! Results of round one are as follows:

1st Richard Thomas 4 fish 96cm (including longest fish, a silver eel of 38cm)

2nd Jason Ward 4 fish 79cm

3rd Colin Doyle 3 fish 69cm

4th Phil Jehu 3 fish 66cm

5th Lloyd Summers 2 fish 48cm

Most fish was shared by Jason and Richard so will roll over to the next match.

Winter Series Round 4 - Aberavon (re-scheduled round 1)


On 29th December the club finally got around to fishing the re-scheduled round 1 match that was originally planned for Chesil. Opting to fish on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year the match gave everyone an opportunity to get out for a well earned break from the festivities. Ten members turned up at the meeting point in the car park opposite the chip shop for the 2.45 off and all headed straight down the beach anticipating plenty of dogfish and the odd ray over low water.

Fishing turned out to be a lot quieter than recent reports had indicated with far fewer fish caught than expected. Although some anglers struggled, there were no blanks! 

Dogfish did put in an appearance for some and the odd small eyed ray was also picked up early in the match along with some decent flounder; but as darkness fell and the tide started to push up the beach it was the whiting that made the difference for some.

Finishing at 7pm was a bit of a disappointment for some as the whiting had really started to feed in the last hour of the match. Results at the weigh in were:

1st Phil Jehu - 10 fish (3 dogs, 7 whiting)  333cm

2nd Derek Pinkerton - 5 fish (all dogs) 257cm

3rd Jason Ward - 5 fish (1 dog, 4 whiting) 171cm

4th Colin Doyle - 6 fish (1 SE Ray, 1 Flounder, 4 whiting) 167cm

5th Richard Poole - 4 fish (1 SE Ray, 3 whiting) 133cm


Overall win and most fish pools went to Phil and being the last match of the series the longest fish pool was split between Phil and Jason as both caught dogfish of 57cm.



Winter Series Round 3 - Bullnose to Stout

The latest round of this year's winter series was held on Sunday 9th December with members meeting at the Cwm Ciddy Inn, Barry where everyone had a rather large breakfast before the off! Alan must have asked everyone in the pub if they wanted his sausage as he had one spare, which raised quite a few smiles from the women!

Everyone decided to head for Porthkerry as the overnight wind was likely to be kicking up a decent swell at all other marks. On arriving at the park the extent of the nights rain was a partly flooded pitch and put course with only the tarmac path available to access the beach. This was also flooded to a depth of around a foot causing problems for Phil who turned up in boots.

Fishing was dire for all but Jason who found dogs from the off. All but Alan and Richard decided to fish around the drain area and Jason must have landed on the only spot to hold fish as no one else around him had bites let alone fish. 

After nearly six hours of punishment the match ended with only Jason and Alan managing to catch fish. Jason was the run away winner with 6 fish; 5 dogs and a huss for 297cm with Alan second with a single dog for 50cm.

Jason took all three pools with overall win, most fish and longest fish which was the huss at 55cm. All other 6 anglers blanked but receive 10cm on their cards for fishing the match.

Championship Round 11 - St Brides to the Severn Bridge (Beachley)

The November round of this year's championship was a rover along the upper reaches of the Bristol Channel from St Brides to the Old Severn Bridge. Twelve members signed in at the meeting point which was at the Magor services allowing easy and quick access to all marks. From the off it was evident that anglers had a chosen to fish a variety of marks with cars heading off in all directions. Lloyd, Phil and Jason made their way to Beachley but decided they didn't like the look of the venue so returned to Redwick. Richard and Alan made their way to Goldcliff expecting to find it busy with anglers only to discover they were the only ones there; was fishing very poor or were all local anglers fishing the open at Penarth?

Weather conditions weren't the best with a strong and cold easterly breeze and bright sunshine but that didn't dampen enthusiasm too much. At the weight in it was obvious that conditions did have an effect of fishing at some venues with only five anglers registering fish.

1st Phil Jehu 4 fish 206cm

2nd Lloyd Summers 4 fish 190cm

3rd Mal Hoskins 5 fish 89cm

4th Alan Richards 2 fish 43cm

5th Jason Ward 1 fish 26cm.

Phil took te pool for overall win, Malcolm took most fish and Lloyd longest fish with a conger of 85cm.

The final match will be the Christmas fur and Feather match on 16th December at Cold Knap.

Winter Series round 1 - Ogmore

The first round of this year's winter series was fished on the 21st October at Ogmore. The venue choice was left open in the match calendar for discussion by those attending at the meeting prior to the match. 

Seven members turned up at the meeting point to register for the match with the intention of fishing over low water to target small eyed ray and possibly dogfish and whiting. From the off it was evident that leaves carried into the sea by the river Ogwr were causing a problem with large quantities being picked up on lines and leaders. Some tackle losses were experienced as leaf build up on leaders combined with tidal currents created so much weight that lines simply parted. Rods were pulled over by the weight with some receiving damage to eyes.

Fishing was slow as a result and by the end of the match only three anglers registered fish at the weigh in.

1st Phil Jehu 5 fish 85cm

2nd Yanto 1 fish 20cm

3rd Dean Jones 1 fish 16cm

Longest fish was taken by Yanto with Phil taking the overall winners pool and most fish pool. All fish caught were Whiting. Anglers who failed to catch received 10cm each for completing the match. The next round will be held at Oxwich on the 11th November.



Championship - Round 10 (Cardiff Foreshore) 14th October

Following some discussion about venues at the previous club meeting, the decision was made to hold the latest round if the championship at Cardiff Foreshore. With an 11.8m tide at 10.50am it was scheduled to be a fairly early start. Members met at the industrial estate at 7.15 for a 7.30 off (except the match secretary Richard) who for some reason thought the meeting time was 8am!! Following a phone call from those assembled at the meeting point to Richard & Alan at 7.30, everyone departed for their chosen marks as Richard was just leaving home. 45 minutes later Alan & Richard turned up and started to fish.

Gypsy on the other hand had joined others at the correct time but for some reason had not brought any waterproofs despite it raining heavily overnight and raining continuously since leaving home. Apparently he thought the forecast was for sunshine and light wind (it may well have been the case for Benidorm but not for Cardiff); he thus spent the entire duration of the match sitting in the car.

Fishing was pretty good despite recent weather conditions and unprecedented rainfall from Storm Callum. Of the 14 anglers that fished, only five failed to catch and the other nine catching 40 fish between them for a total of 8m 14cm including several Conger, Thornback Ray and a fine 4 1/2lb Bass caught by Phil Jehu.

At the weigh in at 2.30pm, the top five were as follows:

1st Jason Ward 12 fish, 376cm

2nd Lloyd Summers 7 fish, 279cm

3rd Phil Jehu 5 fish, 188cm

4th Richard Poole 7 fish, 185cm

5th Mal Hoskins 4 fish, 77cm.

Biggest fish pool went to Lloyd with a 95cm Conger and most fish and overall win pools to Jason.

Championship - Round 9 (Llantwit Major) 23rd September

Despite a mid week forecast for gale force winds, heavy rain and 3 metre plus waves, conditions were far better with light rain and no wind for the first two hours then sunshine and a gradually increasing breeze for the remainder of the match.

Fishing was scheduled for 3 1/2 hours down and 1 1/2 hours up to avoid the worst of the flooding tide and weed that usually accompanies the first hour or so of the flood. Fish were quick to respond to baits during the first hour of the match with everyone getting bites; not many were actually hooked though!

As the tide dropped towards low the bites became few and far between but one or two eels did put in an appearance along with a couple of bass. Surprisingly there was no weed on the flood despite the weather conditions in recent days and very little in the way of tidal run; baits were pretty much staying where they were cast!

At the weigh in it was evident that some had struggled to catch fish even with so many bites in the first few hours. Three of the eight members present had failed to catch but for those who did, the results are as follows:

1st Phil Jehu 4 fish 187cm

2nd Richard Poole 3 fish 139cm

3rd Lloyd Summers 4 fish 112cm

4th Jason Ward 1 fish 53cm

5th Derek Pinkerton 1 fish 36cm

Phil with Richard taking longest fish (conger 71cm) but the most fish pool roles over to the next match in October.

Summer Series - final round (Seaton) 18 August


The final round of the summer series which was a rescheduling of the first round match cancelled due to very poor fishing earlier in the year; was fished at Seaton in south Devon.

Twelve members signed in at the sea front car park to fish the event, four having fished on a charter boat earlier that day out of Beer! Conditions weren't too good with a moderate SW breeze, overcast sky and lower temperatures than of late.

The beach was already busy when the match started, full of holiday makers and locals chasing mackerel which on the day proved to be elusive yet again! Fishing was quiet during daylight hour remaining as usual, but the expected pick up in bites and fish didn't materialise as expected. In fact fishing was quite slow and difficult compared to recent visits to the venue.

The match ended at 01.00 as the beach tends not to fish as well on the ebb; or so we have found, and everyone reconvened at the cars for the weigh in by 01.30.

Fishing was difficult for some as out of twelve anglers, 6 failed to catch. Due to the very early start by those who'd boat fished, all four packed up early and headed home for some well needed sleep. Of the 6 that did catch fish, results were as follows:

1st Phil Jehu 7 fish - 157 cm

2nd Jason Ward - 4 fish - 142cm

3rd Colin Doyle 5 fish - 124cm

4th Richard Poole 3 fish - 81cm

5th Lloyd Summers 4 fish - 74cm

The only other angler to catch fish was new member Anthony Large who had two small Pouting for 30cm.

Longest bag was taken by Phil who also took the most fish pool and roll over from the last match; longest fish went to Jason Ward with a small hound of 67cm.

The final results of the series and top three prize winners are:

1st Lloyd Summers 451cm

2nd Phil Jehu 377 cm

3rd Richard Poole 223cm


Championship Round 8 - Fishguard Breakwater

The latest round of the championship saw 8 members head west for a a match on Fishguard Breakwater. Travelling in torrential rain with an improving weather forecast the weather didn't seem to be improving much as the match started! An easterly wind soon changed to a westerly with lower cloud and drizzle signifying the arrival of a warm front, we saw temperatures and humidity increase to create fairly uncomfortable conditions until the rain stopped. It then got hotter and calmer as the afternoon went on but fishing seemed to get worse as the weather improved!

There was some anticipation of a large number of dogfish being caught so rules were amended at the start to include all dogs at 45cm with the longest fish being determined by other species. As it turned out, not only were dogfish low in numbers, they were very difficult to catch with only one being caught.

Fishing out from the breakwater was all but a complete waste of time with very few fish being caught. Phil saw his first cast resulting in a new club record Pollack of 3lb 10oz while no bites and untouched baits encouraged Richard to switch to the LRF gear and fish between the boulders for wrasse and other smaller fish. This proved to be very effective with a number of fish being caught and including a 33cm Pollack and 35cm 3 bearded rockling. Others made the switch to find fish close in as well with the odd longer cast just to see if anything was happening now and again.

Results at the weigh in were:

1st Richard Poole 20 fish for 428cm (Ballan Wrasse, Pouting, Poor Cod, Pollack, 3 B Rockling)

2nd Phil Jehu 8 fish for 239cm (Pollack, Ballan Wrasse, Corkwing Wrasse, Dogfish)

3rd Alan Richards 8 fish for 158cm ( Ballan Wrasse & Pouting)

4th Lloyd Summers 6 fish for 115cm (Ballan Wrasse, Soldsinney, Poor Cod)

5th Alan Lewis 5 fish for 109cm (Ballan Wrasse, Pouting)

Longest fish was taken by Phil with his 55cm Pollack but Richard took the other pools including a double roll over pool for most fish.


Championship Round 6 - Lavernock to Rhoose


Round 6 of this year's championship was scheduled to be fished from Sully Island to the Bendricks Rocks, however due to the increase in the number of smoothound being caught in the Porthkerry and Rhoose area, it was decided in the meeting prior to the match that the limits would be opened up from Lavernock to Rhoose to take advantage of this.

Meeting at Cardiff services at 12.15, twelve members signed in and prepared for an afternoon's fishing for hounds. Unfortunately the Thursday and Friday before the weekend saw storm Hector cross the country bringing high winds and heavy rain to the northern areas of the country but just strong winds to local areas. Weeks of calm seas and ideal feeding conditions for hounds had come to an end just before the match significantly reducing the chance of catching them.

Nine anglers opted to fish Porthkerry, the remaining three heading to Rhoose but at the weigh in it was evident that fishing was hard  all round. Of the twelve anglers who entered, only five anglers had managed to catch fish; and then only one fish each.

Results were as follows:

1st Alan Lewis 73cm (Conger)

2nd Jason Ward 66cm (thornback Ray)

3rd Derek Pinkerton 37cm (Cod)

4th Mal Hoskins 25cm (Cod) 

5th Alan Richards 19cm (Pouting)

Alan Lewis took the pools for the overall win and longest fish but the most fish pool rolls over to the next match.



Championship Round 5 - Sully to Fontygarry

Round five of the championship was marked in the club handbook as a TBA venue. As such lengthy discussions ensued at the last club meeting about where we should be fishing. Suggestions ranged from Cei Bach in search of Bullhuss to Sully Island and Rhoose. Eventually it was decided to hold a mini rover with limits set at Sully Island to the steps at Fontygarry.

Meeting for breakfast at 8am at the Cwm Ciddy Inn in Barry or 8.45 for those not wanting to eat, 12 members signed in and left for various marks at 9am.

Once again the bulk of the anglers headed for Porthkerry with three going to Rhoose and two to Cold Knap point. Conditions were pretty good for a change with light but increasing winds, hazy sunshine and flat seas.

For some there were bites from the first cast but others struggled to get fish interested no matter what bait was used or what range was tried. Weigh in times were set at 3.30 for the close of scales at the Cardiff services so anglers fishing close to Barry could feasibly fish a bit longer than those at the more distant marks.

At the weigh in there were mixed results but with only four failing to catch. Results were:

1st Richard Poole - 10 fish for 458cm fishing at Porthkerry

2nd Phil James - 3 fish for 168cm also at Porthkerry

3rd Phil Jehu - 3 fish for 143cm fishing Cold Knapp point

4th Alan Lewis - 4 fish for 141cm, Porthkerry

5th - Lloyd Summers - 2 fish for 115cm, Cold Knapp point.

Longest fish pool was taken by Phil James with a dogfish of 62cm but the most fish and overall win pools both went to Richard.

Championship Round 4 - Oxwich

The latest round of the championship saw 13 anglers arrive at the meeting point at Oxwich beach car park. Some had been there since low water opting to dig fresh bait for the match, but would it prove to be of any benefit?

At 15.15 anglers departed for their chosen marks on the beach to fish 3 1/2 hours up and 1 1/4 hours down. The water was fairly coloured and with overcast conditions it looked promising for a few fish! It wasn't long before dabs and flounders were being caught but fish were few and far between with a few anglers picking up fish while others found the going a bit tougher.

Some were still blanking as the tide came up to high water but then found fish easier to catch as the tide eased off and started to ebb.

Fish were being found at all ranges with some taken within 30 metres and others at 50 - 60 meters. Richard, Lloyd and Phil however were picking up dabs and bass at ranges in excess of 100m with nothing being found closer in.

The fishing ceased before the tide started to drop too quickly and the weigh in was held in the car park just after 20.15. All but three members managed to find fish with Derek topping the list with 8 fish. Results were as follows:

1st Derek Pinkerton - 8 fish 252cm

2nd Phil Jehu - 6 fish 175cm

3rd Lloyd Summers - 6 fish 160cm

4th Richard Poole - 5 fish 136cm

5th Mal Hurley - 5 fish 116cm

Longest fish pool was taken by Paul Raven with the only dogfish of the match at 62cm and Derek took pools for the win and most fish.

As for the members who turned up to dig bait and collect razor fish over low water; both caught fish but neither featured within the top 5!

Club Championship Round 3 - High Water Rover

For the March round of the championship it was decided to hold a full rover event with meeting point at the Cardiff services. Twelve members turned up at the meeting point for a 9.30 off and it was very obvious during the registration that chosen marks were being kept very tight to the chest with some point blank refusing to say where they were fishing while others were happily discussing venues they had no intention of fishing!

Needless to say half of those present fished Swansea's West Pier while the other half divided themselves into three pairs and fished at Ogmore. Oxwich and Cai Bach at Newquay. Weather conditions were a complete surprise given that the previous weekend saw sub zero temperatures and heavy snow. This Sunday saw no wind, temperatures in the low teens and bright sunshine providing some members with their first sun burn of the year!! For some, this was the only thing they did catch as fishing was diabolical.

Of the twelve anglers taking part only five managed to catch anything to weigh in, and four of those were fishing the pier.

1st Colin Doyle 5 Fish (whiting) 91cm

2nd Richard Poole 2 fish (whiting, shore rockling) 36cm

3rd Mal Hoskins 1 fish (whiting) 24cm

4th Derek 1 fish (whiting) 22cm

5th Mal Hurley (whiting) 18cm

Colin took the pool for the overall win and most fish; he also picked up the most fish roll over pool. Mal Hoskins took the longest fish pool with a whiting of 24cm.

Highlight of the day was feeding a female grey seal that spent most of the day swimming between groups of anglers looking for an easy lunch and given the number of fish being caught it was probably a more successful way of getting fish than hunting for them!

Club Championship Round 2 - Cold Knap point - Rhoose

The second round of this year's championship saw another good turn out with 12 members meeting at the Cwm Ciddy Inn at Barry; 8 of which arrived early for the well known 'all you can eat' breakfast!

At the off, five members headed to Rhoose with all others going to Porthkerry despite a wide range of marks being discussed at the meeting point. Fishing was scheduled to be 3 hours down and two up but with the short travelling distances most managed to fish for a bit longer.

Fishing was very slow to say the least with very few bites seen and baits returning untouched after 20 or 30 minutes in the sea. At the weigh in it was evident that fishing was indeed very hard for some with half of the anglers failing to catch. Of those who did find a few fish, a total of five species were recorded, Whiting, Conger, Codling, 3 Bearded Rockling and a surprise Pollack. Results were:

1st Mal Hoskins - 3 fish 111cm (Conger, Whiting, 3 B Rockling),

2nd Richard Poole - 3 fish 81 cm (Pollack, Codling),

3rd Phil Jehu - 2 fish 64cm (3 B Rockling),

4th Chris Tucker - 1 fish 48cm (Codling),

5th Alan Lewis - 1 fish 28cm (Codling).

Mal also took the pool for longest fish with his 58cm conger but the pool for the most fish rolls over to the next match.



Club Championship 2018 Round 1 - Cardiff Foreshore 28th January

The first round of the new year saw an almost record breaking turnout of members for the match at the Foreshore. 15 eager anglers met at the industrial estate with fishing limited to the Gut and Heliport Beach. Access wasn't arranged for the docks as the finish time was after dark and the port authority are reluctant to issue access passes to fish in the dark.

Fishing was patchy at best with the hot mark being the corner between the gut and main beach. Only one black was recorded but most anglers managed a few fish. Most of the bigger bags were caught as the ebb tide produced a reasonable amount of run off the point off the cleaner ground. Whiting were the target with some decent fish being caught on lug and rag.

A total of 46 fish were caught for a length of 1,044 cm. Top bag was taken by Mal Hoskins with 8 fish for 186cm with Derek Pinkerton catching 7 fish for 168cm. Mal also took the pool for most fish while Dean Jones picked up the longest fish pool managing to catch a 48cm 1.5kg codling on what was pretty much his last catch.

Top five results and point scorers were:

1st Mal Hoskins 8 fish, 186cm

2nd Derek Pinkerton 7 fish, 168cm

3rd Chris Tucker 5 fish, 102cm

4th Lloyd Summers 5 fish, 100cm

5th Colin Neade 3 fish, 75 cm

Hopefully the high turn out of anglers will continue into the shore matches this year providing a bit more competition and higher number of pairs qualifiers. The next match will be held on rough ground over low water between Porthkerry and Rhoose on February 18th.





Winter Series Round 4 - Penarth


The final round of the winter series was held on the 28th December at Penarth. 11 members turned out for the match to find weather conditions at Penarth much better than at home. No lying snow and ice from the previous evenings showers and freezing temperatures; but warm sunshine and flat calm sea conditions fooling us into thinking it was much warmer than the thermometer was showing!

The weather was probably the highlight of the day as the fishing was worse than poor with only four anglers catching fish. Going into the match Dean was leading with a combined score of 841cm with Lloyd second after only one round with 785cm. The weigh in saw the first and second places switch as Lloyd managed to find two fish for 61 cm and Dean failing to catch; this put Lloyd into the lead by a mere 5cm with an aggregated score of 846cm. Mal Hoskins finished 3rd with 705cm despite not fishing the final event and weighing in consistently over the previous three matches.

Winner on the day however was John Duggan who was lucky enough to find a small eel and a codling to give him a match total of 76cm to take the win and longest fish with the eel being 55cm. The most fish pool was won by Colin Doyle who caught 3 fish (Whiting, Rockling and Codling). Overall results were:

1st John Duggan 2 fish 76cm

2nd Lloyd Summers 2 fish 61cm

3rd Colin Doyle 3 fish 45cm

4th Chris Tucker 2 fish 42cm







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