Iceland 2015

Report by Club Secretary Colin Doyle


The end of July saw a group of members undertake a very long trip; leaving Bargoed at 2.30am and getting to the accomodation at 8.30pm. We were all exhausted and Steve the guide decided that we would not be going fishing just yet. He suggested everyone get a good nights kip so they would be nice and fresh the following morning. In order to chill out for a few hours before bed it was time to crack open the beer and jump into the huge hot tub for a relaxing drink or two!


All the years I've been fishing this week topped it all. I have never ever experienced fishing like it! Everyday each of the lads had scores of fish with huge dabs to 3lb, double figure cod, and at one mark three lads had over 150 cod between 5-11lb in a single session. With a fish every cast it was so prolific only one hook could be used. Another mark fished suberbly with coalfish literally being caught under your feet. With three fish being caught at a time on a mark the following day, you literally got fed up of catching dabs! Not something you could say about fishing in the UK especially when all fish were well within the 1.5-2.5lb mark. Other species caught over the week were plaice, scorpion fish and one tidy wolfish of 8lb by one of the guests. Just amazing fishing.


There was also the added bonus of Arctic char and wild brownies literally in front of the accommodation in the fjordd. Dave Tapper taking a fantastic wild brown trout of 4lb plus on a small black dry fly.


There were 5no. new club records recorded during this year's trip:

Cod 11lb 8oz to James Burton,

Plaice 2lb 5.75oz to Dave Tapper,

Dab 2lb 15.75oz to Colin Doyle,

Halibut 1lb 13.75lb to Mal Hurley,

Scorpion Fish13oz to Paddy Grandon


I would like to thank all the lads who went; the banter was just hilarious and non stop! Also a big thanks to Steven Mason and Joe Mcdonald who were brilliant in making it such a fantastic trip...........Roll on the next time!!

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