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Obsession, Brixham 29th July 2017

Only two club members attended the latest boat trip from Brixham with the remainder being made up of invited anglers.

Thanks to the highly inaccurate weather forecast (yet again) the boat trip was able to run as planned with drifts over the Skerries producing a good number of fish.

Over 30 plaice were boated with the best being around 2lb. Other species caught included Ray, Bass, Gurnard and plenty of big mackerel.

A big thanks goes out to the skipper and deckhand for their invaluable assistance and advice throughout the trip....Thanks Guys!

Anchorman, 1st July 2017

The latest club boat trip was run from Penarth on board the Anchorman. It was an early start with everyone on the boat for the 6am lock out of the bay. The skipper headed straight for a mid channel mark off Nash Point and after dropping anchor, baits were cast out with a hope that fish would be plentiful. Fish were caught pretty much immediately and consistently throughout the day.

Fish species were varied and included Conger, Tope, Bullhuss, Blonde and Thrornback rays, Smooth hound and dogfish.

Best fish of the day was taken by Bob Parry who managed to find a half decent Conger at 16lb narrowly beating Peter Evans who had a 15lb Tope. Weather conditions deteriorated during the afternoon with on-shore breezes kicking up the swell but the fish continued to feed providing sport right to the end of the session.

Lots of great banter again with the hot topic of conversation on the social media site being Colin's breakfast/lunch which made a re-appearance with the rougher seas!


Bemjoma, 11th February 2017

Despite a very healthy optimism amongst anglers on their way out of the lock, the day's fishing proved to be an even bigger disappointment that the previous trip in January. Again the target species was cod and despite the skipper moving around trying different marks at various states of the tide the Channel seemed to be completely devoid of any species of fish let alone any cod!

At the end of the day only two fish were actually taken between the ten on board with Paul Weare again managing to find the biggest fish with a slight improvement in size on his fish in January. Carl Lewis was the only other angler to take a fish.

1. Cod 3lb 6oz, Paul weare

2. Cod 3lb 4oz, Carl Lewis

Dai Tapper  provided some much needed entertainment as usual when he managed to hook into a passing tree! The timber put up a very spirited fight in the fast flowing tide and Dai managed to get it back to the boat before releasing it to fight another day completely recovering his gear with no loss.

Anchorman, 28th January 2017

Most of the members managed to catch fish on what was a fairly disappointing trip. The main species caught on the trip was cod which was the target species for the trip; but very few in-size fish were actually caught. The bulk of the fish landed were under sized so all returned to the sea alive. One whiting was also caught and this was the only fish of another species taken on the day.

Top fish taken were:

1. Cod 2.2lb, Paul Weare

2. Cod 2.1lb, Colin Neade

3. Cod 2.0lb, Dai Tapper

Spot On, Brixham 17th December

Saturday 17th December  saw 5 club members travel to Brixham for our last trip of 2016 aboard Spot-On.
Another fantastic day for all with over 50 fish between us. Zed eventually took the pool and biggest Pollock of the year with a cracking 13lb-8oz specimen, Lloyd and Linden had fish of 12lb each and Cyril joined in with an 11lb-8oz fish. In addition to the larger specimens there were numerous fish around the 8-10lb mark.

Even Byron didn't blank as he also managed to catch fish as well; not a very common occurrence and well worthy of a special note!!!
Finally a thank you note from Cyril to all members who have supported the boats; "I have been boat sec for the past few years and we've have had a blast! Unfortunately it's now time for a change so good luck to whoever does it next year, I have left you with some cracking fixtures.
Merry xmas and a happy New year to you all"

All members would like to extend their thanks to Cyril for organising some fantastic boat trips over the past few years with several new boats and harbours now firmly embedded in our fixtures.

Spot On, Brixham 22nd October

Our latest boat trip was from Brixham aboard Spot-On. Easterlies had been blowing all week so the trip was 50/50 but fortunately they slackened off enough for our trip to go ahead (first one of four that we actually fished). After a hour and a half steam we came to our first wreck, first drop and Craig was into a fish, first Ling of the day 12-8oz, battling with wind against tide, fish were few and far between but still producing catches of decent Pollock with Linden and LLoyd catching well. After a few skipper decided to go to a smaller wreck where he hoped the fish were grouped together tightly. This proved a smart move as all anglers were catching fish even Byron.
Total caught were over 30 Pollock, 4 Cod, 5 Ling plenty of Pouting (Craig was the king pouting catcher) and a Tub Gurnard. Competition results were:
1st place Craig with a Ling of 12lb 8oz,
2nd place Lloyd with a Pollock of 10lb 12oz
3rd place Joint winners were Linden with a 10lb Ling and Lloyd with a 10lb Cod.
Birds nest contender of the day was narrowly won by Eddie who just pipped Byron by attaching his Lure to the end of his boom???? what no 10ft trace? Excellent banter, plenty of fish,big well done to competition winners and a big thank you to Ross our skipper for looking after us and putting us on the fish despite the conditions.

Volsung, Dale 23rd July 2016

Recent club boat trip out of Dale aboard Andy's Volsung. Only 4 club members fished this trip which was disappointing considering the venue. Moderate sea conditions saw us fishing around the back of the islands where loads of Puffins and Dolphins were seen and we were soon into plenty of fish, lots of good size Coalies being caught either on two hook flappers or single hook/trace. Because of the Bass limit of one fish we decided not to buy fresh sandeel but fishing with an artificial 6 inch sandeel produced a nice Bass of 3lb 8oz... for Cyril Williams, this was then trumped for heaviest fish by Byron's Pollock of 3lb 12oz, alas it was not to be Byron, Cyril then took the pools with a good fighting reef Pollock of 5lb 5oz, other species caught on the day were Mackeral, Codling Weaver fish and loads of big Launce. Thanks to Zed, Eddie and Byron for supporting this trip and a big thanks to Andy for putting us on the fish.

Anchorman, Penarth 9th July 2016

The club fished out of Penarth on The Anchorman on Saturday 9th July. The first mark off Marcross producing a few hounds to 9lb; on the ebb the skipper moved out into the channel to a tope mark. It produced a single fish of 20lb+ but chose not to be boated by spitting out the hook at the net.

The skipper moved six or seven times in the somewhat lumpy conditions in search of better fishing but things remained fairly quiet wherever we went. One mark produced a load of Bullhuss with the best fish being 13lb.

Other species caught during the trip were Thornback Ray, dogfish, rockling and small conger. Despite the windy and rough conditions it turned out to be a great day with brilliant non-stop banter making up for the lack of fish on what turned out to be a twelve hour round trip!!

Meerkat, Weymouth 26th September 2015

A good days fishing again with skipper Ryan Casey

with lots of species caught. Black Bream were the

main target species with Squid being the top bait

although Mackerel strips accounted for a few.

Over 40 Bream were landed with a few being

returned for another day. Biggest Bream was

caught by Shaun Morgan 3lb in weight who also

took the pool.

Other species included Mackerel, Pouting,

Poor Cod, Gurnard, Scad, Dogfish Garfish and

an Undulate Ray. Shaun Morgan caught a cracking

Scad of 1lb which is probably a new club boat record.
Byron was definitely king of the Pouting and Eddie decided he wanted to catch Nemo for his grandkids (see photo) although he did manage to catch something a bit bigger by way of an Undulate Ray.

Biggest surprise of the day was undoubtedly Zed Zoony staying awake all day.....well done that man. Thanks again Ryan for a great days fishing.


Spot On Charters 27th June


Another great trip with loads of fish caught, even the sunshine crew had fish too! A total of 51 Cod, 14 Pollock and a Ling were caught with the biggest Cod taken by Shaun Francis. Biggest fish on the day went to Cyril Williams with a14lb 8oz Pollock which took the biggest fish pool.

Total fish by angler was:

Shaun Francis 8 cod,

Zed 4 cod, 1 Pollock 11lb 8oz,

Eddie yes Eddie 6 cod 2 Pollock,

Cyril 8 Cod, 3 Pollock and a 7lb Ling,

Lindon 9 cod,

Andrew 3 cod and a Pollock,

Danno 4 cod and 5 Pollock; wait for it ..............

Tapper 7; I kid you not 7 Cod a Pollock and a Pout - how many of these he knew about I'm not sure haha and last but not least..... our Byron with 2 cod and a few pollock.

All had fish and a great day's banter thanks to top skipper Ross on Spot-On Charters.



Benjoma Too, Penarth 21st February


Saturday's trip with the Sunshine Crew out of Penarth turned out to be another highly successful and entertaining trip. A total of 31 cod were caught and again plenty were returned for another day.

Best fish of the day ( a cod of 4lb 8oz) was taken by Paul Weare who seems to have a knack of finding the bigger fish having landed a cracking 9lb 8oz fish from the shore in January!  Dean Jones had a 3lb cod and many others were landed around the 2 - 2 1/2lb range.

The trip also saw some of the biggest tides for almost 18 years which provided very fast tide runs but good fishing nonetheless.

The usual comedians were on good form with Dean attempting to fish without a tip eye and Mac leaving all his weights in the car. All were trumped by Chairman Peter who is now a serious contender for the 2015 bird's nest trophy! Pete managed to cast his 8oz lead but unfortunately forgot to hold onto his rod in the process; the entire outfit being sent out to join the fish. This produced an impromptu rendition of the well known Frozen soundtrack song..... Let it go...Let it gooo with repeat performances for the rest of the trip.

Many thanks to skipper Paul for yet again putting us on the fish and for a great day out.


Anchorman, Penarth 4th January


A good days fishing was had by all on Sunday with Toyce winning the pool for the largest cod with a fish of 3lb. Over 55 cod were caught during the trip with at least a third being returned to fight another day. Shaun Francis seemed to be on a role catching the most fish with a personal haul of over ten fish.

Everyone's thanks goes to Dai Tapper and Eddie for providing free entertainment and a big thanks to skipper Dave for a great day out.

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