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The second of the 2015 club shore championship matches was fished on the 8th Feb between the White Light and Bullnose at Cold Knap over low water. Fourteen anglers turned out to fish keeping up the good numbers experienced on the first match.

Weather conditions seemed perfect on arrival with clear skies, no wind, flat calm seas and patchy sea mist.

Fishing turned out to be very hard for all with very few bites registered and rod tips remaining static all day. By the end of the session only three anglers had managed to find fish with results as follows:
1st Colin Neade 1 fish (cod) 53cm
2nd Richard Poole 1 fish (cod) 49cm
3rd Colin Doyle 2 fish (5B rockling) 35cm

Next Match is Ogmore to Rest Bay on the 15th March


The first match of the new year took place on Cardiff Foreshore on the 18th January. Access had been pre arranged with the port authority and that resulted in 18 anglers turning up to fish

All but four anglers opted to drive into the port and fish at various marks off Longships Road. The others opted for the point to the left of the heliport.

New rules were introduced at the AGM for shore matches this year allowing all fish over 15cm to be measured and released with positions settled based on the longest overall length of fish caught.

This produced a much better match with 14 out of the 18 competitors entering a card at the weigh in. Results were:
1st Paul Weare 4 fish 189cm including a cod of 9lb 8oz
2nd Mark Payne 5 fish 139cm
3rd Colin Neade 4 fish 124cm
4th Dean Jones 3 fish 82cm
5th Dai Tapper 2 fish 75cm

Paul took the longest fish and longest overall bag pools with Mark tking the pool for the most fish

Hopefully the move to measure and release will encourage similar numbers of anglers for all matches theis year!!


The Annual General Meeting took place on 7th January with Mike Reynolds the Chairman retiring. The club would like to thank Mike for the many years he has been in the role. We hope he continues attending the meeting and still continue fishing
The new Chairman elected is Peter Evans, we hope the members give Peter the same support the previous Chairman have had in the past

The first boat trip took place in early January with a very successful trip with 55no. codling landed the biggest by Colin Neade a fish of 3lb 8oz

The trip on the Spot On on March 7th has still got vacancies

The first shore match of the new campaign takes place at Cardiff Foreshore with the club gaining access through the security gate through the WFSA

The 2015 club booklets are available to all members who have paid up their membership

The Presentation night takes place on Saturday 31st January with tickets priced at only £2.00 each A great night of entertainment has been booked with a band Just for Kicks

Colin Doyle
General Secretary
Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers


Penarth Result by Colin Doyle

Last of the Winter Series- 10no. fished in very cold conditions
1st Gypsy 107 cm (4no. fish )
2nd Lloyd Summers 89cm (3no. fish)
3rd Tim Theyer 43cm (1no. fish)
4th Colin Neade 31cm (1no. fish)

No other fish measured in and it concludes the matches for 2014.

Fur / feather competition,

which is the last league match of the year takes place at Cold Knap on Sunday 21st December

The last event of the year at Penarth on the 28th December which is the last of the Winter Series

The first boat trip on 4th January 2015 on the Anchorman is already full. Cyril has been taking names for the Spot On from Brixham in March already so get your names down

Last meeting we organised the 2015 Shore league fixtures from January - June. The next meeting which is on a Tuesday we will organise July-December

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING takes place on 7th January 2015
The Presentation night takes place on 31st January 2015. A great band is booked at only £2 a ticket

Happy Christmas to all associated with Bargoed Sea Anglers.


3rd Winter Series @ St Brides

Eight memebers fished in the very first frosts of the year with fishing very slow with lots of pin whiting being caught. Eventually winner with a flounder and a whiting was Tim Theyer for 54cm 2nd Steve Whittle a flounder for 29cm and third Mal Hoskins with a whiting of 25cm Tim also took longest fish with a flounder of 31cm- the final leg takes place at Penarth on 28th December.

The club has booked to travel to Iceland again in 2015 with flights and accomodation booked for July 30th. At the same time the club are running a long weekend to Weymouth shore fishing. This will be booked as soon as tidetables are received

The Boat Secretary has been asked to book a charter from Penarth for Friday 12th December

The final match of the year at Penarth will be finished by 2.30pm it was agreed to venture back to the Lennox for light refreshments

Fur and feather money will start to be collected as from the November 26th

All boat trips for every month of 2015 have been booked with January and February to be confirmed

Well done to our Match Secretary Richard Poole who took a 3rd place in the WFSA Open at Aberavon and a 10th placing in the SeaMasters final in Barry. Well done from the club

Dates for the Annual General Meeting and the Presentation will be agreed in the next meeting. Next year once again we will be only charging £2 per ticket

The WFSA are looking for all affiliated club members to enter a two day Boat Festival next Summer. details will be posted as soon as received

Colin Doyle
General Secretary
Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers


14th Sep Bullnose and Fontygarry

First round of the Winter series was fished today between the bullnose and fontygarry. Six anglers fished with all opting to fish at Porthkerry. The first hour was a bit quiet but then the fish started feeding for some. Pretty much everyone caught fish down to or over low with nothing taken on the flood.
Results were:
1. Richard 4 fish for 167cm
2. Steve 2 fish for 105cm
3. Tim 3 fish for 70cm...
4. Mark 1 fish for 48cm
5. Gypsy 1 fish for 28cm

Species caught were cod, conger, whiting, poor cod and rockling.

Only Alan failed to catch and had his one bite while away from his rod taking photos of Steve etc!!
Next round is October 19th at Oxwich.


WFSA Sponsored National Open Competition
Pegged Event, All fish to be measured and released, £10 entry. Juniors Free

Sunday 5th October 2014, Fishing Times 1.00-5.00pm
Book in on the day at the Four Winds Hotel from 11.00am. Last weigh in by 6.00pm

1stprize £300   2ndprize £150   3rdprize £50

Junior prize
Anyfish Anywhere  Rod, sponsored by, Julian Shambrook (Anyfish Anywhere)

Longest flatfish £50 & longest fish £50 cash prizes
(Not including dogfish)


Cardiff Foreshore
Ten members turned up at Cardiff Foreshore for the final Summer series match of 2014. Unfortunately there were no fish caught.

Cold Knap
For the last league match at Cold Knap only six turned up to fish due to the strong west winds and heavy showers. Decision was made to move to Porthkerry where conditions were much nicer.
Only fish caught was a baby tope by Richard Pool, no other fish was weighed in.

Anchorman on 26th July

On the boat for 6.30am sailing over towards Minehead. weather was just glorious throughout the days with swealtering heat.Fish were caught throughout the day with the skipper moving seven times looking for the fish.
A reasonable day was had with everyone chasing the three fish pool we agreed on the heaviest hound went to Darren Lewis with a fish of 10lb 7oz, the Ray went to Dean Jones with a  fish of 6lb 12oz and the conger pool went to Shaun Morgan with an eel of 9lb 2oz. Other fish caught on the day were bullhuss and dogfish.

Iceland trip

Nine lads made up the numbers for the annual outing this year to Iceland. It had been planned nearly 14 months ago and here it was July 3rd. The first pick at 2am then on to Cardiff and straight on to Bristol airport
Few minor problems with individuals being over weight which was quickly sorted out, a lovely breakfast and two hours and fourty minutes we arrived at Reykjavik. A small delay in cases arriving with one or two getting rather impatient, it was then straight into duty free to get your supplies of lager
We then met our host for the week Steve Mason who runs Icelandic Fishing Adventures, who gave us a warm welcome and introduced us to his assistant for the week Joe McDonald who was also our driver  Also included on the trip were Mark Cowell and his partner Sally Owen both shore fishing ex Welsh Internationals
After packing the minibus we endoured a six hour journey North stopping every few hours for a coffee or one of the Icelandic hotdogs which were delicious
The scenery was breath taking with waterfalls and snow capped mountains where ever you looked
We arrived at our log cabins late in the afternoon to breath taking views, fantastic accomodation with all your needs included. Steve gave us an hour to unpack and get prepared we were out to fish straight away
All fishing venues were very safe and out of the back of the mini bus, the area being Olafsfjorour peninsular some a bit rougher than others but tackle loss was down to a minimum unless your name was Colin (thought Id better put that one in)
The fishing started with codling, huge dabs and coalfish being caught literally as soon as your bait hit the water, this was just a little taster session just to get us a feel for what the rest of the week would bring Over 120 fish landed
Everyone was buzzing so many fish caught in just a few hours with the bait being blueys,there was a huge bucket of worms available and later on in the week squid was also supplied
It was then back to the lodge with Mal and Cyril doing most of the cooking which we were eternally grateful, curries, cooked dinner and fish and chips were superb In fairness everyone mucked in with washing up duties, the commoraderie was brilliant.
After dinner it was straight into the hot tub which was just outside the front door, it was just so relaxing with a nice cold can of lager
All the other venues fished better with one particular day we moved three times All the years I have fished I have never experienced anything like it the fishing was just superb with Steve and Joe emphasising that it was poor. Poor if that was poor I'd hate to think of what they class as good haha.
Some days between 500-600 fish caught
We were taking double and treble shots of 3lb whiting and dabs and cod up to 9lb with coalfish to 8lb +
The coalfish were that prolific drop three baited hooks down side of pier bang bang three fish some were of a decent weight
We also had the use of a rowing boat is you fancied catching a few Arctic char or trout out of the Fjjord
We had an fantastic time the fishing was the best you'll ever encounter, the guides Steve and Joe were true gentlemen nothing was too much bother even going to the bank to change money and do some shopping for us
We ventured down the day before the flight to a lovely guesthouse where Darren did the raw shark meat demonstration which was hilarious
All the lads thoroughly enjoyed a trip of a life time,we had the early morning presentation of the yellow jersey which started the banter off and continued until we went to bed
We also had the honour to witness Cyril in his many outfits and masks he took with him
Just like to thank all those that travelled for sharing with me a very special trip which was so exhausting talk about hardcore fishing
There were six new club records:-

Whiting 2lb 9.25oz Shaun Morgan
Starry eyed ray 2lb 2oz Cyril williams
Coalfish  8lb 2oz Peter Evans
Dab        2lb 7.5oz Mal Hurley
Halibut            10oz Shaun Morgan
Haddock   1lb 13oz Peter Evans

Colin Doyle Club Secretary

Shore match

Match was fished from Lavernock to Bendricks fishing 3 1/2 down 1 1/2 up. Nine turned up to fish with all except Colin and Toyse fishing Sully Island, the two Colin's fishing at the Bendricks.
With the tide dropping quickly Richard, Mal and Lloyd opted to wade across the causeway and were joined by the police helicopter which circled overhead as they waded over. Richard ended up with a wet back as the water made its way over the back of his chest waders but didn't get anywhere as wet as Mal who ended up lying on his side in a rock pool while trying to cross the gulley between the two rock spits below the monkey pole.
Fishing was very quiet with no bites for anyone who on the ebb. At low water Richard picked up a dog fish and missed his only other bite to end up with a single fish. Mal lost a decent eel but then landed a second which was 1cm undersize. The Colin's managed an undersized codling each but Steve came up trumps with his pot noodle conger to take the overall win.
The match ended with Steve taking the win and biggest fish with a conger for 0.89kg and Richard second with a dog fish weighing 0.54kg. No one else weighed in and the pool for most fish rolls over to the next match.

Spoton wrecking trip

Saturday 28th of June seen the club head down to Brixham for a session aboard Spoton target species being mainly Cod and Pollock, off to a great start when 1 mile from my house Danno picked a fight with a Black cat, Black cat 0 Danno 1. Well you couldn’t make it up, 10 miles down the road an Owl decided he was hard enough Owl 0 Danno 1 so we haven’t travelled out of Wales and the Owl and the Pussycat have had it.
Set sail at 7-15am weather was patchy a bit of a swell and yes Tappers off Eweeee, Eweeee, Ralphhhh Ralphhhh, groundbait everywhere. First wreck and we are on the fish, steady catch of Cod and Pollock coming in with Lyndon having several small ones before hitting a 6lb Cod to take the lead, Danno then matched him with a cod of the same size, skipper decided to move to try and find some bigger fish. This was the pattern for the rest of the day, but the bigger fish seemed to be in hiding although Tapper and myself lost bigger fish to the wrecks. Then to everyone’s surprise including himself Tapper caught a 7lb 12 oz Cod to take the lead. Tapper if something pulls on your rod then its mostly fish!!!! There’s nothing else down there pulling your line!! Lots of species coming aboard, Grey Gurnard, big red Gurnard, Whiting and big Pouting. Cyril was in on something which turned out to be a 12lb Cod which was the biggest of the day and took the pool and the lead for the Cod cup. Everyone by now had at least 7 or 8 fish each except for Byron who hadn’t caught, then Yeehah he’s in, a nice 3lb Cod broke his duck quickly followed by Pollock and Pouting no holding him now. Overall a total of 26 Cod, 15 Pollock were taken with loads more put back for another day.

Excellent report by Cyril Williams

Aberavon 25 th May 2014

The second of the Summer Series was fished at Aberavon beach in very wet conditions. Only seven turned up due to the Bank Holiday with everyone weighing in
Alan Lewis won it with 87cm 2nd Mal Hoskins with 62cm 3rd Brian Moon with 57cm Species caught mullet bass flounders and turbot Best fish went to Alan Lewis with a fine mullet of 43cm

Pendine fishing report May

Eleven fished at Pendine with a meeting time of 10.05. The key was collected for the barrier but unfortunately the storm on Saturday combined with a high tide resulted in the sand being washed away from the bottom of the slipway leaving a ditch and drop big enough to prevent cars from being taken on to the beach.
Brian decided to launch his secret weapon in the shape of an electric buggy and loaded his gear on ready for the trip. On his first attempt at driving through the barriers his rod an rest got jammed as he had them sideways across his lap. This caused much amusement and resulted in loads of photos being taken. When he eventually got it on to the beach he managed about 400yds on the hard sand before sinking into softer sand as he turned towards the sea. At this point he decided to pack up an go home.
Fishing was very quiet with water still coloured from the storm with very few bites. At the end of the match only four weighed in with others either blanking ot failing to catch anything in size.
Match results were:
1st Mal Hoskins with three flounder for 0.92kg and most fish
2nd Yanto, two flounder for 0.61
3rd Pete with one flounder for 0.39 and heaviest fish
4th Mike Reynolds ome flounder for 0.31.
report by Richard.

The club held its Annual Presentation night at Club Lennox with over hundred tickets sold with the enertainment a band called Rise Up
Club Champion for 2013 went to Richard Poole who also took the Pairs with Mal Hurley
Runner up was Simon Clargo, 3rd Mal Hoskins 4th Colin Neade 5th Steve Whittle
Other Cups went to the following;-
Heaviest Boat Cod - Cyril Williams
Heaviest Shore Cod - Mal Hoskins
Christmas Cup - Alan Richards
Best Shore Specimen- Shaun Morgan
Best Nominated Boat Specimen - Eddie Gardner
Marmite Challenge Cup - Colin Doyle
Winter Series- Shaun Morgan
Summer Series- Richard Poole
Lawrence Cook Memorial Cup- Malcolm A'Hearne
Lennox Cup- Richard Poole
Shane Reed Conger Cup - Chris Langden
Members Member of the Year- Brian Moon
Birds Nest Trophy- Brian Moon
Overall a great night band were very good everyone up having a dance and the drinks flowed freely. Big thanks to Kim for organising the raffle and a big thanks to all those who donated a prize

Colin Doyle General Secretary Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers

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